Step Two: The Adjutant General's Report


Annual Reports of the Adjutant General
New York Adjutant General's Office
Albany, NY
Rr 973.7447

What did the Adjutant General do?
He was the Senior Officer in charge of the State's Military


The Adjutant General's series contains 43 books. This seems like a daunting task to locate the specific regiment, but the librarians were kind enough to assemble that information on a sheet located next to the collection.

Information Contained:

Age at enlistment
Place of enlistment
Notations on injuries or significant events while in the service

Names are ordered LAST, FIRST within the regiments. You should search these books with the same spelling found in Wilt's Index.

MacOmber, Otis - Age, 28 years. Enlisted at Carlton, to serve three years and mustered in as private, Co. B, August 8, 1863; captured in action, May 5, 1864 at the Wilderness, Va.; paroled, April 21, 1865; Discharged, June 27, 1865 at New York City; also born McOmber.

The information in red allows us to verify this as the Otis we are looking for. 28 years old in 1863 means he was born in 1835 as indicated on his gravestone. He was born, raised and lived in Carlton, which is also noted here.

The information in green will allow us to send to the National Archives for documents relating to his service and pension, which will give us a large amount of vital information about Otis and who he was.