Rundell Library
(Monroe County, Central Library)
115 South Ave.
Rochester, NY 14604

2nd Floor: Local History & Genealogy
(585) 428-8370

The Monroe County Public Library System's Central Library (The Rundel Memorial Library) is located downtown on South Avenue. The second floor of the building is dedicated exclusively to local history and genealogy. It also houses the Rochester Historical Society and the Rochester City Historian's Office. The collection contains a variety of resources for genealogy research including access to online databases, printed family histories, newspapers on microfilm, New York State's Vital Records Index and many more. However, the purpose of this presentation is to highlight one particular piece of the collection, those resources pertaining to the American Civil War.

This presentation is directed towards a group of users who are interested in gathering information on potential Civil War ancestors for their family history research. I will highlight three resources located within the Rundel Library's Local History and Genealogy collection that will allow for the user to obtain the necessary information so that Civil War documents can be obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration. The process is covered in five steps, the first two being the most important to obtaining information from NARA and the third and fourth steps allowing the researcher to expand upon the context of their ancestor's service.

I will be using one of my Civil War ancestors to highlight this process, working with information that would be available upon initially discovering the existance of said ancestor. This means I am starting with an approximate birth date, death date and photograph of the ancestor's headstone. I will run through the process with one and then the other if time allows.

Otis McOmber
Grand Army of the Republic Marker & Flag
Carlton Cemetery, Carlton, New York